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Welcome to the company that takes organizations to new levels via strategic global markets expansion for markets leadership worldwide. We help companies, large and small, become and stay leaders by optimizing:

* international marketing and sales functions
* individual and teams development, and 
                             * business development worldwide.

More than "Launch-and Drop", we help companies and start-ups in North America, Greater Europe, Asia and Africa establish and embed brands and revenues effectively in each overseas market while helping foreign ICT and Services companies do the same in the United States.
We partner with you to:

* identify target markets and build/embed market leadership worldwide
* navigate different monetary instruments and pricing systems
* understand and leverage cultural issues
* design and implement powerful change management strategies 
* assess key product variations/localization
* formulate stakeholder engagement initiatives 
* build and develop global capacities, skills, worldviews and mindsets via consulting, capacity-building, training and mentoring

Contact us today at for a complimentary Global Business or Global Leadership discussion. We look forward to hearing from you!