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These mission-critical services include:
Women Entrepreneurs Glove Camp Training: Calling Your Future Forward (tm) - Half-day workshops for high-impact Founders and Startup sustainability. Here's a peak at our sessions:  

"When Being a Genius Isn't Enough: Leading in a Technical Environment"

 I teach "Leading in a Technical (Business) Environment". a course I designed to help technical professionals expand their effectiveness through capacity-building in Leadership, Team interactions, self-awareness and Social and Emotional Intelligence. Texts include The Leadership Challenge, Adaptive Leadership, The Plugged-in Manager, and Values Shift (Hall Tonna) and the LPI. The next session is in Fall 2015. Pre-registration required.

- Marketing & Sales Training
-  Change Management
-  Business Writing Training
- Global Manager Competencies
- Global Communications Training
- Values Audit 
- Employee Engagement & Recruitment
- Organizational Transformation
- Spirit at Work Direction (non-denominational)


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Case Study:
Nedcor Financial Services, a multinational diverse financial services company, realized it had a problem: they had done a superb job at creating a wide range of sales courses designed to inculcate and hone core competencies across a variety of products for their Sales staff.  From Territory Management to Consultative Selling to Key Accounts Management, they were covered.  Unfortunately, they had no metrics to show that so many great inputs actually yielded the desired results. So they needed a comprehensive Sales Training Evaluation System and, with an annual budget review looming, they needed it yesterday.
NewComm Global hit the ground running, by identifying the primary core competencies requiring measurement. We created a system that not only measured the key skills and attributes but leveraged both Sales and Field Management so that the results were both organic and reliable. They featured shared as well as personal accountabilities, enabling Sales Managers to follow up with individual staffers directly for maximum ROI towards optimal collaboration and outcomes.
Coming soon:  EcorityMarketLeader(TM) Accelerated Leadership Coaching and EcorityLeader(TM) Hands, Head and Heart for effective non-profit development.