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(Global) Markets Development
Going to Market to Build Brands and Revenue Streams
The discovery and expansion of markets penetration (GTM) is our core business strength. These retainer- and project-based services include:
-  Global Markets Readiness   (Assessment and Development)                                         
-  BusinessPlanning                                                                       
-  Communications/Public Relations                                                               
-  Branding & Positioning             
-  Customer Programs                                                                  
-  Program and Project Management             
-  Corporate Social Responsibility
-  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
-  Benchmarking Studies
 - Feasibility Studies       
 - Stakeholder Assessments
 - Strategic Pricing  Systems
 - Strategic Philanthropy
 - Non-Profit Development/Ventures
 - Special Projects
Case Study 1: Johnson & Johnson had a sweeping two part goal in entering the South African market: 1) to establish and embed its leading LifeScan® brand and operations in both this, the world's 4th largest diabetes market amidst large scale rivals that had penetrated during the Apartheid era; and 2) leverage South Africa's infrastructure to establish its operations and distribution for the entire continent.
In just nine months, and with a very modest budget, NewComm Global accomplished:
  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive Markets entry plan, including
  • Identified key customers and made first Sale
  • Arranged and managed in-country training
  • As interim Country Manager, recruited and screened in-country staff
Case Study 2:  Stakeholder Impacts AnalysisWhen Industex Holdings, a large textile concern, realized it was facing formidable challenges,both the global marketplace and the return of foreign rivals after Apartheid,  it retained NewComm Global to conduct an extensive stakeholder analysis, ranging from Board Directors to factory staff.  In addition to getting a true "finger on the pulse", we designed the exercise to serve as education and messaging platform, to allay fears about blanket lay-offs and yet to communicate the gravity of the situation. Although Industex did sell off one of its leading brand suites two years later, the effort presented the opportunity for enhanced employee engagement in tough times. leading to greater productivity and perhaps, valuation.
Case Study 3: Strategic Pricing System Design: A promising SaaS start-up with a superb platform solution, exceptional team and superior VC backing had acquired a number of key charter accounts but were still unclear about their pricing strategy and subsequent implementation.  NewComm performed an extensive charter accounts assessment, designed an entire, rock-solid system to generate sustained revenues and protect the brand value and supported the C-level roll-out.  In addition, we trained the C-level team in pricing strategy for additional, aligned tweaks up the road.
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